The menstrual cycle includes not just your period, but the rise and fall of hormones and other body changes that take place over the weeks in your cycle.

Pads and other ways to take care of your period

There are lots of products for taking care of your period. You might decide you like sanitary pads or tampons best. Or, you might decide to use pads sometimes and tampons or menstrual cups other times. Try different products to find the right ones for you.


It’s normal to feel nervous or shy about buying pads or tampons at first. But getting your period is normal part of life. Need help? Ask your mom, older sister, or someone else you trust which products she likes. To stay safe, always follow the instructions on the packaging and wash your hands before and after use. And remember to bath regularly during period.


What you should know about pads


·         Pads stick to the inside of your underwear and soak up the blood that comes out through your private part. A sticky strip holds them in place on your underwear.

·         Check your pads every couple of hours during the day to see if it needs changing. You should change it before it soaks with blood or starts to smell.

·         No one can see that you’re wearing a pad, so don’t worry about that.

·         If you’re concerned about any smell, changing pads often and keeping up good hygiene will help control this. You do not need to use deodorant or scented pads (which can irritate your skin or private parts).

·         You can use panty liner, which is a very thin pad, together with a tampon if you want extra protection. Or you can use a liner alone on light days.

·         You probably don’t want to wear pads when you swim. They can soak up lots of water and get bulky, and then can leak when you get out of the water. You could try tampon instead.


Other ways to care for your period

You may not know about alternative period products that are natural or reusable. Some girls choose items such as menstrual cups or reusable pads because they feel are better for their bodies and for the environment.

Here are some options:

  • Menstrual cups- You put a small cup into your vagina to collect blood. Some cups are for one-time use. Others are emptied, washed well, and reused.
  • Reusable pads- These are pads that are washed and reused. Usually, you would put a cloth pad into a liner that attaches to your underwear. You change the pad as needed and wash it according to the maker’s instructions. These pads are more expensive than disposable ones, but they save money over time because they last for years.


For more information and further assistance visit your local health centre or clinic.

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