• The FIX-A-BIKE programme is an educational skills development initiative which aims to give girls/women basic bicycle building, mechanics and safety skills.
  • All participants complete the programme with a bike they have built themselves, a new lock, a helmet and the skills and tools they need to safely ride and maintain their bicycles for a lifetime to come.
  • Participants are only to keep their bicycles if they have attended a mandatory workshop on safety on safety cycling.
  • The students also have an opportunity to learn many practical skills while working at the FIX-A-BIKE programme alongside a mechanic.
  • The FIX-A-BIKE programme hopes to use such platforms to invite strong female role models from the community to talk and inspire our learners.
  • The programme will not only focus girls, women who want to learn such skills will be welcomed.
  • The FIX-A-BIKE programme will encourage the community to donate old bicycles and the participants in the programme will refurbish them and help donate them to underprivileged school girls.
  • The programme will help spread the message of green environment and the importance of recycling.
  • It will encourage girls/women to be entrepreneurs by using the skills given to them to start their own small business, such as bicycle repair shops in their areas.