A tool of life you will need someday

Sisters! Once again here is a tool of life you will need someday! Save it In the boot of your car (your mind) Someday you will need it for your girls only powertrip (journey of life)
Sometimes , we lose our strength. Situations,difficulties and challenges overpower us. We are left weak and lonely. Ill share a story of my past experiences. I was a victim of bullying,I was indeed an intellectual at school but the fact that I had bowlegs (bracket legs ) pulled my self esteem down and I started to let it get the better of me. People noticed that I was not comfortable and it was my weakest point. Then,they started bullying me because of my “weird” or “crippled” legs.

I cried almost everyday and I lost my friends. It was so bad that my grades started dropping. Until one day,when a senior girl came to me and told me to be comfortable with myself. We had one awesome
conversation and after a few weeks of having sessions together, my confidence slowly went up. I accepted myself for who I was and I opened a support group for girls with similar programs.

From my experiences , I noticed that we can actually be a great bundle of loved ones if only we stood closely to one another. Do you ever ask yourself how wonderful this world would be if we stood by each other?If females supported each other at all times and gave a pad to another sister instead of shaming her? We are surrounded by girls,not sisters. And that is not We are surrounded by girls,not sisters. And that is not what God created us to be. We should be pairs of sisters,who are ready to pull up for support at any time. We can be the most successful people out here if only we learned to fix another girl’s crown without letting the world know it was not in place. We are all leaders within. We are all beautiful. We are
all talented in a way or two,but just like teabags,we will never know how strong we are unless we are exposed to hot water.

The challenges you face now, do not define
you,but rather,they give you the platform to be
stronger, wiser and tolerant in the future.
Lastly,do not let bullies get away with shaming you. They
have imperfections too. Instead of fighting back and
being a bully too. Help them to understand that we are all
humans and we all have imperfections,some of which we
cant see,some we are not fully aware of and some,we are
aware of but there is nothing to change about them.
Let the bullies know,it is our imperfections that make you
stronger,more beautiful and unique. They are our perfect


By: Amogelang Mmarona

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