Interview with Girl-Techie’s

Full names:    Tami Beckett

Job title:         Digital Development Project Manager

Studied:          National IT Diploma

Career options based on what you studied?


Support technicians, Technical support, Implementation Consultants and IT administrators to name a few. The diploma is very broad which allows you to branch out into many fields within the IT spectrum. I was lucky enough to work in the field I studied for.

Which industry are you currently working in Tami?

“I currently work in the digital TV industry as a project manager. I chose to branch out into Project Management at a later stage in my career as technical IT was becoming a bit monotonous. So with my organizational/planning skills I felt I could manage projects.

Project principles are the same in all industries, so I’ve worked in a few industries within IT, advertising and even construction.

IT foundations and principles are generally the same too, so working in various environments/industries are not major changes but there are a plethora of applications that are used by these industries. And this is where specialization comes into play. ”

Why did you choose a career in IT?

“Coming from a single parent home and living a middle class life, I honestly wanted more, I wanted to be wealthy and I wanted to earn more than enough so that I could live comfortably”

What do you enjoy most about IT?

“I relate well with my colleagues as we are all technical minded, so I enjoy interacting with IT professionals and learning new technologies is always fun and interesting”


What are your hobbies, tech and more tech?

“NO, I paint in my spare time, I love art and I really enjoy travelling

Full Names:   Keitumetse Marjorie Sekete

Job Title:       Software Test Analyst

Studied:         BSc Computer sciences

Career options based on what you studied?

IT Technician, Developer, Business Analyst, product owner, product manager, project manager

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy knowing that I am responsible for ensuring people have access to quality and compliant software

Why did you choose to study IT?

Although Psychology was my first choice, IT was something I was always naturally good it. I needed to be emotionally mature to go into Psychology, so I decided to go into IT first and pursue psychology at a later stage.

Which industry are you currently working in Keitu?

I work for a company that specializes in accounting and audit software.

I ensure that the software is compliant and is of high quality before it goes out to the market

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my infant sons and my husband, Im a foodie and passionate about cooking and fine dining, I also enjoy outdoor activities and travelling


Interview done by Leigh La’Fember for SistaGirlFoundation.

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