• Magwinya are the township version of vetkoek. Vetkoek (pronounce ‘Fet-cook’ and literally means ‘fat cake’) is uniquely South African deep fried bread. The difference between them and vetkoek? Well magwinya tend to be a bit sweeter than traditional vetkoek.
  • Vetkoek are usually sliced open and stuffed with grated cheese, mince or even jam. In the township we eat them with fried chips, achaar, polony, cheese or snoek fish (a type of salted and dried South African fish).
  • Rural adolescent girls are positioned to become powerful agents of change in their communities and nations.
  • They are the untapped talent pool that will sup­port development of the broader rural economy, helping to raise family incomes and lift communities out of poverty.
  • They are decision makers who will help tackle the economic, social, political, and environmental chal­lenges of their rural and township homes.
  • They are the mothers of tomorrow with the power to break the cycle of poverty and change the lives of their children.
  • Magwinya entrepreneur programme will promote entrepreneur skills amongst girls and women from poor communities. It will assist them with skills to start their own magwinya business in their community.
  • The programme will be for both mother and daughter to attend, in order to equip them with business skills and help them share the household load together as women of the house.
  • Allowing mother and daughter to learn these business skills, this will help eradicate poverty in the home and nature strong maternal bond between mother and daughter.
  • The magwinya programme will partner with other organizations or sponsors to share industry skills and advice.
  • The attendees will learn about baking different magwinya receipts, branding, financial management etc.
  • The programme will be facilitated by young female chefs.
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