Writing down your feelings as a way of addressing emotions

Nowadays, there is an unlimited access to the amount of information you receive and that information may impose a particular influence on your emotions. It is important to address how you feel in order to function appropriately and in accordance with your reality. As I see it, physically stating down your feelings can be a good way of getting a hold of your emotions and this is based on a careful consideration of the following reasons.


As you write down how you feel, you reserve some time for yourself. Having time to yourself grants you the chance to be in acquaintance with yourself by learning how certain words, visuals, language, sound and other factors, evoke certain emotions within you. You become the one responsible for identifying how you feel and how you respond. This aids you to understand yourself.


It is important to understand yourself so you can know how to behave when you feel a certain way. Sometimes, the information you receive may arise a strong emotion within you which may lead to an unplanned or inappropriate response and this response may serve as a disadvantage on your side. However, journaling can be of good service to you. It provides you with a chance to focus on your emotions and reflect on how you feel. In doing so, you are provided with an understanding of your feelings.


This understanding of self is especially important for girls because they are constantly under fluctuating hormones, due to menstruation, and these influence emotions a great deal. It is essential for them be able to understand their emotions for the purpose of gaining the ability to understand themselves. Their response can therefore be delivered in a responsible and realistic manner as a result of being able to evaluate their emotions.


In addition, filling your pages with the emotions can be regarded as a form of releasing pressure. When delivered on paper, these emotions may impose a relieving impact. This can be compared to a weight being lifted and placed in front of you. Although in this case, your emotion are the ones being lifted and placed on paper. When you are relieved of the pressure you allow yourself to be kind to yourself because you can provide reasons behind your feelings.


Writing down how you feel is a good way of addressing your emotions. When you dedicate time to yourself you achieve the purpose of understanding how and why you feel a particular way. When this is achieved, some form of relief can be experienced and more kindness can be shown towards yourself because your emotions are dealt with, even when they are fluctuating.


By: Karabo Aphane

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